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Future Bass, Trap & Chill

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More downbeat than our Housier categories, but equally as exciting. Dreamy synthwave style sounds, dreamy synthscapes or or hard, edgy beats that shake you in your chest, our producers work hard to present to you the very best in Trap, Future Bass and Chill music that you can buy. Or maybe Dubstep is more your thing?

Our producers will provide you with everything you need to release, remix, remaster or edit each track to your own liking, or just release it as it is!

Our selection of ghost produced music is updated regularly. Listen below to our any examples of hand curated techno beats for sale below.

Don’t forget, there’s only one of each track. You’re buying the rights to these songs, so when they are gone they are really gone!

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Future Bass, Trap & Chill

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Future Bass, Trap & Chill

Be My Lantern

63% OFF
34% OFF

Future Bass, Trap & Chill



Future Bass, Trap & Chill

Happy Birthday


Future Bass, Trap & Chill


63% OFF

Future Bass, Trap & Chill

Misty Haze

11% OFF

Future Bass, Trap & Chill

No More Tears


Future Bass, Trap & Chill

Our Love


Future Bass, Trap & Chill



Future Bass, Trap & Chill


11% OFF

Future Bass, Trap & Chill


12% OFF

Future Bass, Trap & Chill


23% OFF

Future Bass, Trap & Chill



Future Bass, Trap & Chill



Future Bass, Trap & Chill



This is one of our more in-demand pages, so if it's looking a little empty, it's because we've been busy. Our team of producers are hard at work trying to refill this for you so check back soon.

Elevate Your Mixes with Diverse Sounds

As you delve into the diverse realms of electronic music, we invite DJs and producers to explore our selection of hand-crafted beats—expertly produced by highly regarded ghost producers with extensive experience in Trap, Future Bass, and Chill.Elevate your DJ sets, provide your audience with a mix of tempos and moods, and give your fans a variety of beats, melodies, and rhythms that cater to every mood. Every beat, synth, and groove has been meticulously chosen to resonate with the intensity of the dance floor, the uplifting spirit, and the serene chillness of the studio.Don't just listen—immerse yourself in the diverse beats, melodies, and rhythms that Trap, Future Bass, and Chill offer. Visit our platform, discover the hand-crafted selection, and make each mix an exploration of diverse sounds. Embrace the versatility of electronic music and let your sound transcend boundaries. Elevate your mixes today.

What is Trap, Chill & Future Bass Music, Anyway?

3 distinctly different yet complementary styles of music in their own right, this isn't just a collection of genres; it's an exploration of beats, melodies, and rhythms that define the essence of modern electronic music. Picture yourself in a venue with a mix of tempos and moods—an invitation for DJs and producers to craft dynamic atmospheres, elevate the experience for their audiences, and infuse a variety of vibes into the sonic journey they curate. As a DJ or producer, your music selection becomes a versatile tool, influencing the ambiance, attracting fans, and creating a profound connection through beats, melodies, and the unique elements that define each genre.

Crafting the Diverse Experience: Elevate with Meticulously Chosen Tracks

Embark on a sonic exploration where thunderous beats, uplifting synths, and serene melodies converge, creating a diverse journey. Discover the sonic nuances that make each genre distinctive and captivating for listeners, especially in various environments. The thunderous beats, hypnotic synths, and chill melodies collectively form the sonic foundation that propels listeners into a multi-faceted experience. Infuse raw energy, uplifting vibes, and serene chillness into your curated beats, creating a profound connection with your audience and elevating the experience for fans.

Discovering the Genres: A Listener's Perspective

Experience the thrill of discovering new artists across Trap, Future Bass, and Chill, immersing yourself in the process of finding tracks that resonate. Explore the sonic intricacies that make each genre appealing—pounding basslines, hypnotic synths, and serene arrangements that captivate the listener. Recognize how your curated beats can influence the overall atmosphere, attract a devoted fanbase, and create a connection that transcends the beats.

The Beat: Pulsating Rhythms Across Genres

Delve into the diverse beats of electronic music, where the basslines set pulsating rhythms in Trap, uplifting rhythms in Future Bass, and serene rhythms in Chill. Discuss the impact of percussion elements and dynamic beat manipulation, encouraging DJs and listeners to explore rhythmic intricacies across genres. The beats drive the energy, setting the stage for an electrifying sonic journey that resonates with versatility.

Synth Sorcery: Crafting Sonic Landscapes Across Genres

Highlight the core role of synths in crafting unique soundscapes across genres. Guide users in understanding how hypnotic synth patterns and electronic textures contribute to the unique auditory experiences in Trap, uplifting experiences in Future Bass, and serene experiences in Chill. From gritty textures to serene pads, the sonic palette offers a diverse journey that sparks creativity, captivates the imagination, and infuses a variety of emotions into the sonic landscape.

Simplicity with Sophistication: Minimalism Across Genres

Explain the significance of raw simplicity in Trap, uplifting simplicity in Future Bass, and serene simplicity in Chill—allowing each element to shine. Discuss how simplicity contributes to maximum impact, creating atmospheres that captivate and engage listeners. Explore how minimalistic choices can enhance the clarity and intensity of your curated beats across genres. From stripped-down arrangements to precisely crafted elements, minimalism is a powerful tool in shaping the diverse sonic landscape.

Groove Dynamics: Continuous Rhythms Across Genres

Explore the creation of continuous, engaging rhythms that captivate across genres. Delve into the art of crafting groove dynamics, guiding DJs and enthusiasts on seamless transitions, loop manipulation, and syncopated basslines for an engaging rhythmic experience. Understand how these groove dynamics contribute to the overall sonic tapestry, creating connections that resonate beyond the beats across genres.

Emotional Essence: Beyond the Beats Across Genres

Move beyond the beats and explore the emotional essence that each genre evokes. Infuse gritty elements into your Trap sets, uplifting vibes into your Future Bass selections, and serene chillness into your Chill mixes. Guide DJs and producers in harnessing the emotional essence of each genre to create a diverse sonic experience that transcends boundaries, attracting devoted fans who connect with the music on a deeper level.